As each generation of the church comes and goes, there has always been a need for the Christians to ensure that there is a balance of relationship between the society and the church. The society is a dynamic phenomenon, as it changes over time, and the church too follows in a similar pattern.

Several years ago when the church was established, it had lots of functional roles to play. Even till now, those roles are still being carried out, but then overtime it has gotten overlooked. The Church Needs to regain a focus on helping those struggling with mental health, such as treatment for Depression.

First off, having a church in the society, ensures that economic benefits are on the increase. Having churches in the community makes sure that more employment opportunities are available, based on their patronage. Where a church is located has a determining factor on where families would settle down, and you can be sure that when this happens, the economy of that particular community would get better.

Also, the church assists the society by ensuring that there are social benefits. They help the poor to feed, they are clothed and sheltered as well. The church also plays a quintessential role in helping those who are vulnerable. Families who are going through serious crisis, are assisted by the church in any possible way. The church ensures that crime rate is on the decline, by promoting basic moral and spiritual values.

It would also interest you to know that, more charitable opportunities would spring up because of the presence of the church. A good number of these opportunities are usually without any cost attached.

In addition to this, the church in a society ensures that more education and civic opportunities are provided. School enrollment would be at an “almost-free” cost, and with this, you can be sure that people who cannot afford to send their children to school, would be able to do so.

Furthermore, the church also assists in reducing the rate of addiction in the society. The church ensures that alcohol, drugs and other forms of addiction, are on the decline. These positive impacts which the church has on the society are essential, and they are responsible for stability in the community.

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