Language Within the Church

church languageIt may seem odd to speak about the “language” within the Christian church. Obviously, in the United States and Canada, the language spoken within the church is English. However, there are usages of the language that are particular to Christian culture. Some of the things that are said within the Christian community are really not said in any other worldly arena. They are very unique to Christian culture and Christian experiences. Most of them are based on biblical text but some may be considered a type of slang. Several examples of these language choices are described below:

  • “I’ll pray for you.” Prayer is one of the most common expressions of faith within the Christian church. Prayer is so important to Christians that it is its own life force. The term “prayer life” literally refers to how healthy and regular their praying is. Prayer is important because it is direct communication to God. The privilege and fulfillment of engaging in prayer, of engaging in conversation and communion with God, is of utmost importance to Christians.
  • “Blessings.” The concept of blessings is frequently discussed within Christian communities. It is very common to hear someone in the church talk about blessings on themselves or on others. “I’ve been very blessed.” “I hope you are blessed.” “I pray for blessings.” Christians use this term to mean the good things that befall a person or a household or a group. A blessing is not so much an advantage as it is something that the soul thirsts for.
  • “Equally yoked.” This phrase is taken directly from the bible and refers to a romantic relationship between two believers. The passage is used to illustrate a marriage by comparing it to two oxen pulling a plow. If one of the oxen is yoked to pull more of the weight, they are unequally yoked, which is similar to the burden on a believer if they are married to a non-believer.
  • “The red letters.” In most prints of the bible, the words that Jesus spoke are printed in red. This is to distinguish the words of Christ from the rest of the text. The words in red letters in the bible are the most important text to Christians.


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