How faith in God helps to treat addiction

Everyone who is addicted is encouraged to seek help from reputable treatment centers. However, believers have an additional advantage when they are facing addiction. The extra edge is the power of God.  

While Christians enroll for addiction treatment, they can still exercise their faith in the power of God to help them completely break free and not go back to these habits again.

Here are some ways on how faith in God can help to treat addiction.

Teaches you that God still loves and saves

Christian addicts need to remember that their habits have not made God turn his back on them. The fact is, that God hates sin passionately, but he does not hate the sinner.

This is why his arms are always open for the sinner to walk back in when they realize that their iniquity needs supernatural intervention.

Having faith in God reminds the individual that God’s love for them will never fade. He will still save them if they come running back several times over.

Strengthens your spiritual and physical will

When you exercise faith in God for defeating addiction, it empowers your spiritual and physical will. You will know within you that the power of God is alive in you. And you can do what might seem difficult.

Similarly, it has a ripple effect on your physical will. You will find yourself applying some coping strategies to help you fight off cravings and triggers that encourage addiction.

Brings you closer to God

It is important to mention that exercising your faith brings you closer to God.

You will have the chance to know what God thinks about you and leverage this knowledge to solidify your relationship with you.

Before you realize it, your lust for those addictive habits begins to drop till you become a new man.

When it comes to building your faith to trust God for addiction healing, it starts with reading your Bible and praying regularly.

Also, remember to always stay around fellow brethren in the faith, so that you can encourage one another.

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