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How the Christian Church is Unique Among Subcultures

The importance of counseling in the church

The church, like any other organization, needs its members to be of sound health and mind. And one of the major ways to facilitate this is to attend to their counseling needs. Quite a number of people in the church are facing diverse problems but they don’t know how to help themselves.

Hence, they will prefer to wallow in their problems hoping that a miracle happens. And a church that is not sensitive enough will fail to realize that a good number of her members are struggling with different things.

This is one of the reasons why people are in the church but it does not look like they are getting blessed. Most times, it is because the problems they are facing is preventing them from improving their relationship with God and it gets difficult for them over time.

In the church, two of the major problems that people face are addiction and mental health problems. This reality is hinged on the fact that, the world today is laced with several challenges and most times, people who cannot deal with them appropriately, get caught up in the web of life.

People who are addicted to substances or behaviors and do not seek help, often do not end up well. The same applies to mental health problems. People who are plagued by mental health issues find it hard to reach out for help because of the fear of stigmatization.

When there is counseling in the church, it becomes easy to address these problems and how they can be tackled. Counseling helps the addicted or mentally unhealthy individual to understand that what is happening to them is not entirely their fault.

The moment people have a good idea of what they are facing, it is easier to encourage them to opt for full-time treatment. People who undergo counseling sessions have a better chance of overcoming their health problems and challenges that are addiction and mental-health related.

The amazing part about this is, the counselors would collect little or nothing to make this a reality. And this is one huge benefit of belonging to the church.  

How the Church handles addiction problems

Even though the church is a holy place, it does not understate the fact that there would be people struggling with addiction. And people often make the mistake of stigmatizing those who are addicted because they have little or no idea of how addiction works.

In reality, people do not exactly decide to be addicted. The addiction lifestyle of people span across diverse reasons.

For some people, it could be mental health problems like anxiety, depression and the likes. For others, it could be peer pressure, financial difficulties, family problems and the likes.

When people do not receive prompt help from the right quarters, there is a huge tendency for them to spiral into addiction. This is why it is crucial for the church to lend a helping hand, a listening ear and a watchful eyes to those who are struggling with addiction.

One of the proficient ways that the church handles addiction problems is by sensitization. It is imperative for the church to teach her members about the ills of addiction and how they can avoid it.

In the church, there are people from diverse professions and career paths. This implies that there are health professionals in the church who are well-knowledgeable on the concept of addiction.

The church can collaborate with these health professionals to organize a sensitization program. The program will be targeted at helping people understand what addiction means, the different types of addiction and ways to help themselves.

For those who are addicted already, the church takes it upon themselves to provide health care for them. If it means enrolling them for addiction treatment program, the church would be a major player to facilitate this.

If the church owns up to its true identity of providing care for people in all facets, there will be a reduced rate of addicted people in the church.

Addiction is a sinful habit which draws one away from God. The church must be sensitive to this and ensure that none of her members are lost in the web of addiction.